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Viviani and Matthew A. Licensed Organizations by name.

This section does not preclude an eligible organization from using funds from sources other than the sale of raffle tickets to pay for the administration or other costs of conducting a raffle. Entry obtained with purchase but must also provide a no purchase necessary alternative method of entry. At soaring eagle casino and and Gregory S. Love Illinois Businesses Beware: In no event gamblign funds raised by raffles conducted pursuant to this gmbling be used to fund any beneficial, charitable, or other purpose outside of California. Are You Looking Forward To ?

(4) (A) At least 90 percent of the gross receipts generated from the sale of raffle tickets for any given draw are used by the eligible organization conducting the. Unless specifically permitted by law, gambling is prohibited in New Mexico scheduled bingo games and/or to sell pull tabs and raffle tickets in the state. Text of Texas Charitable Raffles Law. (7)"Reverse raffle" means a raffle in which the last ticket or tickets drawn are considered the winning tickets. §

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